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Crop Your Power Bill

We know controlling input costs is important to farmers.

Gain Your Energy Independence

Our clean energy consultant will assess your current energy usage and create a system to lower your monthly power bill, in part or in full.

Secure Your Energy Costs for 30 Years

Not only will you reduce your monthly power bill, but you'll lock in your energy costs for at least the next 30 years.

Preserve your Cash and Finance your Solution

In partnership with EnPowered, we offer a flexible financing option designed specifically for farmers. The model ensures a speedy start to your solar project while minimizing on existing cash flow and capital spending.  Click here to learn more.

Built to Survive Harsh Weather

We know farm fields are exposed to harsh winds and snow. The NOREASTER micro solar farm was designed specifically for these conditions.

Maximize Energy Production

Built with bi-facial modules to shed snow faster and maximize energy harvest all year long. 

A Force to be Reckoned With

Lightweight and long-lasting aluminum frame that will withstand hurricane force winds.

30-Year Guarantee

Clean, reliable energy for decades to come.

We know farming is tough work, which is why we've made assembling the NOREASTER® easy.


Farmers often opt for our DIY Kit to construct the solar farm themselves, with the electrical work handled by either our electricians or yours. 

Modularized System

Packaged in 10kW increments, and easy to expand in the future.

Make Use of Unproductive Land

With its small and adaptable foot print, you can position the NOREASTER® on your farm practically anywhere. 

Meet Your Carbon Reduction Targets

Take control of your carbon reduction plan, and
directly offset CO2 emissions with NOREASTER®

Breathe Easy

Improve air quality in your community by  reducing emissions associated with traditional energy sources.

Over 1,000 tons

Available lifetime reduction in equivalent CO2 emissions.

Track Progress

View the positive impact your NOREASTER® has over time with integrated monitoring software.

Milk the Benefits of Solar

Navigating tax incentives and rebates for achieving energy independence.

Maximize Incentives & Rebates

Take advantage of Federal tax incentives and state/provincial rebates now to achieve energy independence. Our Clean Energy experts will help you navigate the details with your accountant. 

Return on Investment

Start recouping energy costs from day one.


Farmers helped us design the NOREASTER®, but don't take our word for it -

hear it from them.

"We're running 100% on solar. It's quite a cool feeling. A good investment for us and it essentially runs itself."

- Jonathon Kummer, Timber River Eco Farms